Terms and conditions

 Section 1. General Information

1.1 Event Organizer Information. The Riot Rally (herein referred to as the “Event”) is 

organized by Riot Productions, L.L.C. (herein referred to as the “Organizer”), a limited liability 

company duly organized under the laws of Louisiana. By purchasing a ticket to an Event, you are

entering into a contract with Riot Productions, L.L.C., that is subject to these Terms and 

Conditions (“Terms”). 

1.2 Purpose of Event. The Event is entirely non-competitive in nature. If it comes to the 

Organizer’s attention that any person is engaging in competitive activities or placing bets, the 

person(s) involved will be immediately ejected from the Event without refund. The Event is 

strictly for like-minded participants to foster community and display vehicles.

Section 2. Ticket Fees

2.1 General Information. Each individual person must purchase one ticket to participate in 

the Event. The Organizer reserves the right to set prices based upon age, employment status, 

student status, and membership in particular organizations. Any person without a ticket, or some 

other indicator that the person has purchased a ticket, in their possession may be refused entry to 

the Event or ejected immediately from the event. The aforementioned indicator may be a 

wristband or stamp applied to the participants’ hand or some other similar indicator, in 

Organizer’s discretion. 

2.2 Purchase and Payment. Tickets may be purchased either in advance or on the day of the 

Event at a location approved by Organizer. Full payment must be given either by cash, bank 

draft, debit card, or credit card for a ticket, or other indicator of ticket purchase, to be issued to 

any person.

 2.3 Refund. All tickets sold are entirely non-refundable, subject to the provisions of 

subsection 2.4. 

2.4 Cancellation by Organizers. If the Event is cancelled on the part of Organizer, purchased 

tickets are refundable up to 15 calendar days prior to the Event. If cancellation is within 15 

calendar days prior to the date of the Event, all purchased tickets become non-refundable. In 

Organizer’s discretion, purchased tickets may be applied to a future Event in the case of 

cancellation of the Event. 

2.5 Refusal. Organizer may refuse to sell a ticket to any person for any reason not prohibited 

by law. 

Section 3. Participation Requirements

3.1 Age. All ticket purchasers must be a minimum of 18 years old. Parents may purchase 

tickets on behalf of their minor children, but all minors must be accompanied by their parents. 

Furthermore, minors may not drive in the Event. Parents are entirely responsible and liable for 

the conduct of their children under Louisiana Civil Code Article 2318. Proof of age may be 

requested before permitting event participation. 

3.2 Conduct. All persons at the Event are expected to behave respectfully towards others. If 

any person acts or speaks in an abusive or threatening manner, they may be ejected from the 

Event at Organizer’s discretion. Violence of any kind will not be tolerated and is cause for 

immediate ejection.

3.3 Riot Rally Vinyl Stickers. To participate in the Event, ticket purchasers agree that they 

shall either place, or allow to be placed, a vinyl sticker bearing an Organizer-approved logo for 

the Event upon their vehicles. In addition, participants may be required to place vinyl stickers  

bearing the logo of Event sponsors. All such vinyl stickers must remain on vehicles for the 

duration of the Event.

3.4 License and Insurance. Any person who drives a vehicle into the Event must have a valid

state driver’s license and proof of insurance. Organizer may request a showing of either at 

Organizer’s discretion. If the person cannot produce either one, that person will be ejected from 

the Event. 

3.5 Louisiana Law. All participants are expected to comply with Louisiana law, regardless of

actual notice of the content and requirements of the law. If a violation comes to Organizer’s 

attention, that person will be summarily ejected from the event. 

Section 4. Violation of Terms and Conditions

4.1 Violation of Terms and Conditions. If any person violates any of these Terms, violates 

Louisiana law, or is behaving in a threatening manner, the Organizer may eject the person from 

the Event without refund. By purchasing a ticket and/or attempted participation in the Event, a 

participant consents to removal from the Event by law enforcement if they do not comply with 

Organizer’s demand to depart the event for a violation of any of these Terms. 

Section 5. Image and Publicity Rights

5.1 Photographs and Video. Generally, people may be freely photographed or filmed in 

public places in Louisiana. Nonetheless, by purchasing a ticket, participants give permission to 

be either photographed or filmed at the Event, and that participants absolutely consent to 

Organizer’s use of your likeness, voice, or name for any purpose, including those that are 

commercial in nature.


Section 6. Riot Rally Branding, Trademarks, or Copyrights

6.1 Use of Branding, Logos, Trademarks, or Copyrights Prohibited. Whether before, during, 

or after the Event, all persons are prohibited from using any branding, logos, trademarks, or 

copyrights owned or associated with Riot Rally events or Riot Productions, L.L.C. for 

commercial purposes or to otherwise promote themselves or a venture that they are engaged in, 

even if profits are not acquired as such. 

Section 7. Claims Against Organizer

7.1 Indemnification. Participants agree to indemnify Organizer, and Organizer’s members in 

their individual capacities, as to any claims or lawsuits against Organizer by any third party as a 

result of any action by them, damages caused by them or their minor children, or their 

participation at the Event. This indemnification is total, regardless of any allocation of fault that 

may be made by a jury, judge, or other trier of fact. Participants further agree to pay all attorney 

fees and court costs incurred by Organizer, or Organizer’s members, to defend themselves 

against such claims or lawsuits.

7.2 Waiver. Participants agree to hold harmless and waive all liability of Organizer, and 

Organizer’s members in their individual capacities, for any and all damage caused by 

Organizer’s negligence. This waiver includes damages incurred by participants, as well as 

damages incurred by persons that participants are responsible for, and have brought to the Event,

such as minor children. 

7.3 Liquidated Damages. If any participant violates any part of this agreement, the 

participant agrees to pay liquidated damages in the amount of two thousand dollars ($2,000.00) 

to Organizer in addition to any other remedy that Organizer may be able to obtain under this 

contract, monetary or otherwise. 


Section 8. Legal

8.1 Choice of Law. These Terms of Service, as well as all claims and defenses between a 

ticket purchaser and Organizer, shall be governed by and interpreted in accordance with the laws 

of the State of Louisiana (without regard to principles of conflicts of law). 

8.2 Mediation. By purchasing a ticket, all participants agree to attempt mediation prior to 

filing any lawsuit if Organizer desires to do so. Organizer has the exclusive right to choose a 

mediator for this mediation. Further, participants agree to pay for the mediation. 

8.3 Choice of Jurisdiction and Venue. Participants agree that, if suit is brought in a state 

court, venue shall be and is proper in East Baton Rouge Parish, Louisiana. Participants and 

Organizer both agree to submit to the jurisdiction of any court in East Baton Rouge Parish, 

Louisiana. In a lawsuit that may arise in diversity between a participant and Organizer, both 

parties agree to submit to the jurisdiction of the Middle District Court of Louisiana. If a lawsuit 

is brought in any other venue, both parties agree that such action shall be dismissed and re-filed 

in a suitable court in East Baton Rouge Parish, Louisiana.

Section 9. General Provisions

9.1  Entire Agreement. These Terms constitute the entire understanding and agreement between 

event participants and Organizer. No agreements, understandings, restrictions, representations, or warranties exist between these parties other than those explicitly in these Terms.

12.4  Attorney Fees. In the event of any suit or action to enforce these Terms, interpret any 

provision of these Terms, or arising out of circumstances governed by these Terms, Organizer is 

entitled to recover reasonable attorney fees in connection with the suit, action, mediation, or  

appeal, as well as court costs, if Organizer is the prevailing party. The determination of the 

amount of reasonable attorney fees to be paid to Organizer will be decided by the court where 

the matter is tried. 

12.6  Severability. If any term or provision of this Agreement is held to be void or unenforceable, that term or provision will be severed from these Terms. Otherwise, these Terms 

will continue to have full force and effect as between participants and Organizer. 

12.7  Captions. The captions used in these Terms are for the convenience of the parties only and

will not be interpreted to enlarge, contract, or alter the terms and provisions of the Terms.

By purchasing a ticket to a Riot Rally event, the event participant confirms he/she has 

read the entirety of the foregoing Terms and Conditions and agrees to be bound by them.